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Thursday, August 17, 2006

MOSSIG Meeting Wednesday the 23rd

The meeting next week (the usual 5:30 at Como plaza) is going to be an informal one, totally devoted to show and tell by the members, Q&A on Office development and Office 2007 features and lots of networking. We will not have formal presentations this time around because the meeting overlaps with Tech-Ed Australia and most of the presenters and organisers will not be there.
I am going to be at the meeting however and we have some members that will introduce themselves and show and tell about the solutions they are using or have developed.

For september and october we already have a full schedule with a show and tell session, a business oriented session and a developer session, stay tuned for the official agenda.


Document generation on servers, with data from any source

Erika Ehrli, the site manager for the Office Developer Centre posted two great new posts with code samples on how to quickly generate Word 2007 Documents using content controls and xml-data. Worth checking out!