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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another MOSS Site goes public

I know, it's just an out of the box site, but that's the point. With MOSS you can have a good looking fully content managed site up within a day or two. Obviously most of the time getting the content right takes a bit longer ;-) so we are still working on that.

Check out www.SoftwareObjectives.com.au .

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mossig September meeting: Enterprise Search Extravaganza

26th Sept 2007 at 5:30pm
To register for this meeting please email register@mossig.net by COB Tuesday 25th September 2007.

This month MOSSIG will be presenting a series of Enterprise Search related topics, so come along and find out how Enterprise Search can help you unlock your businesses data and improve productivity.

Show and Tell Session
Contact Selector Control in InfoPath (Ben Walters)
• Microsoft Office InfoPath

Ben Walters from Strategic Data Management will be providing a brief overview of the Contact Selector control available in InfoPath 2007.

Business Session
Search possibilities in your Enterprise (Tim Wragg)
• Windows SharePoint Services • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

According to IDC (Content Technologies Study 2004-2005), workers spend 9.5 hours per week searching. Join Tim Wragg from Professional Advantage as he discusses the Enterprise Searching capabilities of SharePoint 2007 and what it means for business.
The presentation will include,
· positioning of the current search landscape from desktop to the web and where its going,
· search features including documents, people, business data and other sources,
· tips and tricks for an effective implementation , and
· the gotcha’s in features and licensing.

Technical Session
How to access and search business data (Matthew Cosier)

• Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 • Windows SharePoint Services
• Microsoft Business Data Catalog Definition Tool

In this half-hour session Matthew Cosier from Readify will step you through the means of integrating external data with the Business Data Catalog, and exposing it via search. In particular he will take you through the process of writing a BDC web service, generating the application definition using the new Microsoft Business Data Catalog Definition Editor tool, and finally exposing the data to SharePoint search.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Are you into VSTO 2005 Development?

If you are you may want to update your VSTOR. As I understand it has been updated with support for Office 2003 and 2007 under Vista but there isn't much detail on what was added and fixed "This version is a July 2007 update that contains enhancements and bug fixes to the original VSTO 2005 SE runtime; for example, it contains fixes related to add-in support for Microsoft Office Outlook." is all the doc that comes with it.

Note that there are two different updates, one for design time (adds support for VS 2008!) and the VSTOR itself.

Design time update

Runtime update

Also updated are the instructions for deployment of VSTO Solutions on MSDN:


While you are in VSTO mode you may also want to watch this video of Steve Fox and Paul Stubbs on OBA and VSTO they made at Tech-Ed 2007.