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Thursday, June 12, 2008

SharePoint Developers can switch to VS 2008 now

The WSS team has released version 1.2 of the Visual Studio Extensions and it works with both WSS and MOSS. If you want to read all about it go to the team blog here. If you just want to download, here it is.

This version is for Visual Studio 2008 only, it contains Project Templates, Item templates and a solution generator that allows you to generate a Visual Studio solution based on an existing site template.
They have also written a great user guide which can be downloaded as a .chm file (this is still the 1.1 version for 2005).

The other good news on the dev front for SharePoint is that there is a new site, all in silverlight pointing to heaps of resources and samples: http://www.mssharepointdeveloper.com worth the look just for the Silverlight experience ;-).

Cheers to the SharePoint team!