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Friday, August 24, 2007

Office Development News

I'm normally not posting about other Blog posts but these are hot and very important to those of use in the realm of Office Business Applications. So here I go:

The first one is about the release of both a new MOSS SDK as well as a WSS SDK.

"The latest and greatest MOSS SDK release just went LIVE with an exciting new tool: The BDC Application Definition Editor! This tool abstracts the way you create entities in the Application Definition File by giving you an easy to use UI. "

Read more here. And make sure you scroll down to read everything.

The second one is by one of my favorite MS-Bloggers Erika Erhli, she's got a great post on my favorite subject, creating documents programmatically.
Excellent stuff, thanks Erika!

Lasty, make sure you are subscribed to the OBA team Blog as they continue to produce high level documentation and case studies about how Office System is and can be used.