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Thursday, January 18, 2007

SharePoint on-line 'support'

Important news for SharePoint implementors and developers. This was posted on the SharePoint Team bLog which was sometimes used as a communication channel to the Dev. Team:

" I hope that you’ll agree with me that once a blog entry gets beyond 15 or so comments, the conversation becomes difficult to follow. Yes, we’ve long had newsgroups as a channel for these types of conversations, but their lack of scoped/filtered search, moderation, HTML support, and tagging has limited their usefulness. Hence, following the lead of other product groups such as SQL Server and Exchange Server, I’m pleased to announce the SharePoint Products and Technologies forums on MSDN, which are mirrored on TechNet. As I mentioned in one of my “Welcome” messages, these forums are being positioned and managed (with MVP and product group participation) as the de facto channel for community Q&A and discussion going forward. The newsgroups will continue to exist for the benefit of those who simply cannot give up the 2-way offline synchronization functionality, which is the only significant shortcoming of forums. "

Monday, January 15, 2007

Clippy is back

No more Clippy in Office 2007. It seems that Microsoft gave Clippy the sack (if you want to know why, read this or the more graphic version.) , the good news is that he (or is it a she?) has bounced back and started a life without Microsoft. Here's the new home. Lots of tips and good introductions to Office 2007 features. This site also looks like a good starting point when you are looking for books. It seems to focus on the Client applications.