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Thursday, November 16, 2006

VSTO Details

Last night at the MOSSIG meeting I demo-ed a few VSTO Add-ins I've created recently showing how to expose business data in Word and how to save an email to SharePoint from a context menu in Outlook.
A few questions where about where to download VSTO etc., I came across this MS-page that actually has nice recap of all new stuff for developers.

The seperate VSTORuntime is here. I'll be bLogging a few code samples in the next few days.

Lots more info and updated documentation on the new Office Developer Centre. Be sure to check that out!


PStubbs said...

Hi Ed, It's great to hear that you are showing people VSTO. We just RTM'd the latest FREE version of VSTO SE. You can read about it more here on my blog with a link on how to download it.

5 Reasons to Love VSTO 2005 Second Edition

Take Care
Paul Stubbs
Program Manager VSTO

Ed Richard said...

You're welcome Paul. VSTO (and Office System in general) is growing into a serious platform, we actually implement considerable parts of our custom code in Excel, Word and Outlook Addin's. User really appreciate the integrated experience we can now offer them.