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Monday, February 05, 2007

Another site built using WSS 3.0

Introducing www.VOConversion.com.au

Geoff Schaller and I are offering VO’ers a new and comprehensive resource to help launch themselves into the Dot Net world. Through the resources of Software Objectives and our user group community we are providing, white papers, blogs and RSS feeds for a range of key conversion and integration topics:

  • DBF to SQL
  • VO to C#
  • VO with Visual Source Safe
  • VO and MS Office and MS Sharepoint
  • Web services
  • RSS feeds

    The basis for this material is for developer who needs to keep VO for the long haul but must get into Dot Net now. Our aim is to migrate your mind, not your code, so the implicit objective of this material is to get your VO apps working right now with many aspects of the Dot Net framework. We don’t care what Dot Net language you choose to use: SQL C#, VB or Vulcan, the aim is to show you how you can leverage your existing application code with this new environment.

    Many of the articles and papers describe the underlying Dot Net or Microsoft product and many provide coded samples to show you how to implement some feature directly from VO right now. For example, one of the first candidates is how to deploy or consume RSS feeds. Not only will you learn the XML involved, write a C# web service to manage it, you will also have all the VO implementation code to integrate RSS right into your VO apps immediately. The SQL material comes heavily referenced to our SQL classes but practical sample code is also provided.

    Our aim is to prove to VO’ers that they are capable of utilising the latest tools and features of SQL, Dot Net, MS Office and MS Sharepoint right now. You don’t have to wait to give all these great goodies to your clients.

    The website is new and we are using it as a learning experience ourselves so there may be bugs and issues with it. For instance, site searching is not yet enabled. If you have comments or suggestions, please email them to me. We are keen to provide the best resource possible.

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