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Monday, October 15, 2007

Not how you want to start your Monday

So there I was minding my business and getting my coffee; I walked into my Office and I got a "Good Morning, we have a problem 'our SharePoint sites are down....'".

We got 404 errors on all our sites. After some interrogation tactics I found out one of my colleagues was in on Sunday and decided to run all security patches on the servers and go for the re-start. After that everything was black, so I started digging into event logs and log files. I noticed entries about SharePoint not being able to access the content database and schema inconsistency after running the configuration wizard. (we didn’t run that wizard but it seems some update did).

After some googling I decided to try:

Stsadm –o upgrade –inplace –url http://<...>

And that brought everything back!, Pfffff, earned myself another cuppa. And I will make sure that backup can be restored when I need it.

Have a good week!



Martin said...

Thanks for the tip Ed, greatly appreciated.

Btw, do you have an RSS-feed for this blog?

Ed Richard said...

Sure there is a feed Martin:



mnet said...

Hi Ed,

When I ran it, I get the following;

The specified SPContentDatabase Name=SharePoint_AdminContent_4b3bfde1-7341-41f1-b198-b796b64b4629 Parent=SPDatabaseServiceInstance Name=Microsoft##SSEE has been upgraded to a newer version of SharePoint. Please upgrade this SharePoint application server before attempting to access this object

Please help!

Ed Richard said...

Have you run the Config-wizard again. I've just googled the error you are getting and there are a few good pointers there.

Also if that doesn;t resolve it, open up a case with MS! They do provide good assistance.