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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Accessing Document Libraries through UNC paths using ports

'Tip of the day' ;-)

You're probably all aware SharePoint Document Libraries can be accessed in Windows Explorer by using a UNC name like \\MyServer\MySite\Document .

I've always been in the dark about how that would work for document libraries in sites running on other ports. All of a sudden I was browsing through the Net work places and I saw a server appearing with an @ followed by a port number. So that's how you can add a portnumber to a UNC path and it will give you direct access to your document libraries:

\\MyServer@55555\personal\edr\Mydocuments would give me access to a MyDocument library on my MySite runnig on port 55555 for example.


Nathan Gropman said...

Ed, in addition, the port can also be added as @SSL to identify SSL over standard port 443

naijacoder said...

I tried your tip but it doesn't work.
It works when i select actions > Windows Explorer view from the Document Lib.

Will i have to use that UNC path on the same server my site is on?

Ed Richard said...

No it should work from any client machine. Have you checked your firewall? it may be blocking the port.