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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Workflow for SharePoint using Visio - How to overcome validation issues

Today, I'd like to make a bit of a point about the technical content on Office.Microsoft.Com

I was looking for some info on how to circumvent some issues with Workflow design for SharePoint using Visio 2010 and found this article Very useful information from the Office team. Amongst other things presenting a good workaround for using Custom Actions and Conditions.

Here's the copied intro:

"When exporting a SharePoint Workflow from Microsoft Visio Premium 2010 to Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010, the diagram must first be validated. If the workflow diagram is not valid, an Issues window appears which includes a list of issues that must be repaired before the workflow can be exported. For more information about creating and exporting SharePoint workflows in Visio, see Create, import, and export SharePoint workflows in Visio
This topic includes a description, example, and suggested action for each of the workflow validation issues that you can receive in Visio Premium 2010. If you receive notice of an issue during validation, find the issue name in the list below, use the example to help identify where the problem is, and then follow the suggested action to resolve it."

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