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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Announcing our first MBug Meeting for 2012

This is your opportunity to share in the power of business users discussing Microsoft Office SharePoint as Business Strategy. This month we delve into Azure, explore a case-study from Australia's Largest Technology Consutling Organisation Oakton who have recently launched Ozone and a look at a demonstration of Business Process Visualisation.

The focus will be on live demonstrations and again a 20 minute challenge to our speakers.

Here is the agenda:
Business Process Visualisation
This session will show how Business Process Visualisation can be used to manage Policies and Procedures in a process context. It brings policies, procedures and people together. The methodology will be based on the Business Process Modelling Notation ( BPMN). This session will allow users to get a taste for the Business Process Visualisation Coaching that MBug is offering to its' members. The session will show how following simple process functions end users can create their own visual business processes.
Speaker: Ed Richard
SharePoint 2010 creating a vibrant culture and competitive intelligence.
When Oakton wanted to address their need for real-time collaboration and information sharing via a secure and private company wide information platform, the solution was a SharePoint 2010 platform now known as “Ozone”. It allows Oakton staff from different teams to be constantly connected, and communicating across functional and location boundaries to solve the more complex problems. With over 1100 staff in Australian and 160 in India, Ozone has proven to be improving the quality and timeliness of information. This presentation will show a live demonstration and provide supporting ROI for the solution.
Speaker: Rita Arrigo
What SharePoint Business & Technical Decision makers need to know about Windows Azure Cloud Platform?
“Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information”describes top IT Priorities for 2012 and beyond that will transform IT landscape for many businesses.
Microsoft Cloud Landscape consists of Two Cloud Offerings broadly categorized as Software As a Service (SaaS) and platform as a Service (PaaS). What’s does this means to you as a SharePoint technical or business decision maker?
This is a no code big picture session to show why you should care about Windows Azure Cloud Platform and what opportunities it brings on to the table to bring SharePoint Application’s reach to the Cloud.
Speaker : Nalaka Withanage

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