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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Astoria, Yet Another Programming Model?

There I was reading up on Astoria, David Lemphers was using it, so it must be worth a few minutes of my research time.
I did not get it, to me it looked like just another way of accessing data over http. What's wrong with with WebServices and Datasets? So I popped the question to David while I was visiting last night. And I re-read the site on Astoria today because what he was telling me was much more of a compelling reason to start looking at the technology (or platform?). My data in the cloud, not having to worry about a server, a database, backup's, scalability etc. I like the idea, not for all data of course, but I can certainly see some applications. I hope they quickly get around to offering us a way to start exploring this. I'm beginning to like the cloud, now I need to figure out how I can make some money by making good use of it.

Keep us on our toes David!

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