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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Presentations galore

I have just delivered a talk on Office 2007 and Vista for business users for the Computer group of CPA Australia. I think it was as useful for me as for them, amazing to hear what business users think of Microsoft and Office and I think it was as amazing for them to hear what Office 2007 can do for them. Although I spend a fair amount of time on Content Types etc. I got the most positive feedback and questions about the workflow features I touched on discussing Word and SharePoint. They also loved PowerPoint 2007.
It looks like there's still plenty of work for us and MS to get the message across.

Next week I will be presenting the technical session of the monthly Mossig meeting in Melbourne. It will be all about using Custom Task Panes (or Document Action Panes) in Word accessing live Line of Business data and inserting that into template and schema driven documents. I've got an interesting demo of context sensitive panes that show different options and data depending on where a user is in a document.

If this interests you don't be shy and come to our free meeting, just send me a note at register@mossig.net so that we can order enough pizza's.

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